Billie and Naomi Update 071310

Greetings from Jomsom. We have just returned from our first day of teaching in Lubra School. It was quite the walk and teaching really leaves you tired. We “played” soccer/football with the kids during their break. We did not get to touch the ball very often because they are very good players. This was our second walk to Lubra and this was also the second time it rained for most of our walk back though thankfully not hard. The wind is not as strong as I have seen it in the past which is a blessing and it is colder than last year. I have had opportunities to talk and spend time with some of the people who I met last year. It is exciting to see how people change each time you see them and how much more friendlier they become each time you see them. Tomorrow we will be teaching English in a small school not far from Xanadu, our guest house. This school needs help and we are excited to be able to help them.

~Billie for Arise Medical Missions (Jomsom)