Naomi Update 073010

It has been quite a transition since Billie left to be staying here in Jomsom all alone, but God has not left me lonely. I have started up a friendship with a woman named Soma, who is a Hindu shopkeeper, selling shoes and fabrics. She speaks some English, so we have had a few good visits, and I hope to see her again before I go. I have also gotten to know one of the local Jeep owners named Tenzig, who speaks English fluently, and I had had opportunities to share about Chrxstianity with him. It seems many people here have not met many, if any Christians before. There seems to be an openness, even an eagerness to fit people into their proper religious grouping, and therefore there is freedom to boldly state that you are a follower of Chrxst. It leaves doors wide open for a powerful testimony once this is established.

I got to spend the last few days in Purang with Lhakpa and her family, learning even more about village life. I walked there and back this time, so I had quite the physical challenge with rain, wind, and altitude change acting as my adversaries. The walk affords such a greater opportunity for soaking in the aesthetic delights of the mountains, valleys, rivers, and fields, which just cannot be fully enjoyed from inside a jeep. This area’s beauty is truly breathtaking and so clearly testifies of God’s greatness.

Sunday I will fly to Pokhara, Monday to Kathmandu, and Wednesday back to “The West”. Please pray for God’s continued guidance in the relationships I have formed here, that I would speak HIs Word clearly as He gives opportunity, be sensitive to the Spirit’s leading, and communicate His love to people in these few remaining days. Also pray for plans to come together smoothly for the German team that is coming in just over a week.

~Naomi for Arise Medical Missions (Nepal)