Naomi Update 080810

Hi Gina & Carl!

 Just wanted to send you a final BLOG for the website.  Thanks for all the help in preparing for the trip, and your prayers and support.  I made it back to the states on Thursday evening and then home on Friday at 4 AM, what a grueling trip!  To top it all off, my final flight was cancelled and I had a run-in with a suspicious Middle Eastern gastric trouble maker…oh well, wouldn’t want the trip to be boring or too easy, which it certainly was not.

So, in summary, the trip was not quite what I expected it to be. I expected a busy, Western schedule full to the brim of medical care and lots of activity.  Instead, there was a lot of waiting, stillness, and just being around, waiting for opportunity that God would open.  It has been my experience though, again and again, while entering the developing world, that I always have so much less to offer than I might imagine, and I come away having received so much more than I feel that I have given.  I wrote in my prayer journal  “You brought me here (to Nepal) to a life of quiet, simplicity, slowness, beauty, where I was useless but to seek You, seek people, spend time watching, listening walking, learning.  Thank You.”  I have been humbled by the Lord, but also taught about being willing to simply succumb among people, and be available.

The impact of a ministry of presence in an area with almost no Christian exposure cannot be underestimated or fully measured.  As believers, we go into the world as new creations, carrying the light of Christ.  God opened many doors to freely share about Christianity, but much more was undoubtedly happening in the unseen realm as we sought to bring Christ’s love into Mustang.  I have nothing but thanks to give to God for His protection, guidance, and provision, and all the relationships He allowed me to engage in (despite speaking no Nepali).  May He draw the many people I met in Jomsom and the surrounding areas to Himself, growing His church and His kingdom in Mustang.  Thanks for all the prayers.  Pray for the German team as they begin their service in Jomsom.

 Well, hope to go again someday, with you guys and a medical team.  It’s such an amazing place!  Goshen was a total blessing, the boy there asked me to say hello to Carl ( I can’t remember his name).  I met a missionary MD named Theo who is 3 months into a 3 year commitment working with a missions hospital in Tanzen (?).  Sounded like quite the experience, and when I told him about Lhakpa’s run-in with mushrooms, he said they were working on writing a protocol for dealing with this, and the treatment they had given her was totally inappropriate.  I was a bit appalled and mortified by the care she received!

Anyway, will be in touch with you guys.  Thanks for everything.

~Naomi for Arise Medical Missions