Carl Update 081010

Hi Everyone,

We are excited to hear that our ministry partners from Siegen, Germany, have arrived in Jomsom on Sunday.  I also had a voicemail message from Lhakpa, who is staying with her family up at around 13,000 feet and ten miles to the north; she’ll be going down to help out as a translator and a guide as they minister in their venues. 

 How did we end up with a relationship with ministry partners in Germany?  Well, several years ago, Dameria happened into morning devotions at the Bxxle College in Seigen, Germany and I was there talking about Chrxxt’s General Order Number 1….go ye into all of the world.  We got to talking about missions and struck up a relationship that led to her accompanying us last Summer into the mountains of Nepal. 

This year, Dami, the kids ministry director of her chxxch, organized a group with the intent of continuing to minister in Mustang as our partner. So, for the next three weeks or so, we all need to pray for the nine of them, plus Lhakpa as they serve the Lxxd while they are just south of the border, so to speak.  Sammy, the co-leader and Roland, a medical doctor and dentist make up the remainder of the ministry leadership.

For us all at Arise Medical Missions – Carl