German Team Update 081310

Hi Friends,

We have had no internet for the last two days, that’s why we didn’t write. God worked out everything just perfectly. We met Norbu and he invited us to his school where we have been the last two days. We fell in love with the people there and they with us. They asked us to treat the kids with dental care and Roland said, “That’s enough work for two days.” So we won’t treat adults at all from there and just take care of the children.

Today was my first day as a nurse when I put cream on the skin of a girl with bad “allergies” – whatever it was. Tsering Norbu was asking if I was a nurse and I told him just a Mom who does what she would do to her own child. He then told me about a boy with a fever and I left some Ibuprofen with strict advice about the dosing, precautions, and potential allergies. We will go back there next week for dental care with the kids, art classes, being a Mom-nurse and just to love them.

Tomorrow is a day off and Sam, Roland an I will go to Marpha to fix a schedule for the school there. Roland will do dental education and the others will do the regular classes and play games. People are really open to us as teachers especially since I always mention that I have brought my students to learn about the Nepali culture. So we will be there two days also.

We are really experiencing God’s guidance, provision and loving care. Blisters and stomach aches get healed, rain stops when we start walking and people welcome us warmly and openly. Thank you for all your prayers!

Please keep praying without ceasing, that God would use us in a very big way to impact the Kingdom.

~Dami for Arise Medical Missions (Mustang)