German Team Update 082010

Namaste dear friend Carl,

Internet connection is not the best, but we want to keep you updated as often as we can. The last two days we have been to Marpha and it was really good. Good training for our teenies for teaching, getting involved with the local people (it was hard for them in the beginning to step into a running volley ball game but now they made it). Roland is going back there tomorrow to treat some of the teachers with dental care. Everybody really responds on the dental education.

Wednesday and Thursday we will be in Lupra again and we hope we can leave on Friday for Muktinath. Things are “hansu hundanai”, but we’re learning and we will find out Thursday if the jeeps are going or not.

By the way, did Billie and Naomi took the medical bag with them? We got some antibiotics here and Roland thinks he will be fine.

Pramilla was not doing good at all yesterday, headache and allergies. But she allowed me (Dameria) to pray with here. We sent out a prayer mail to our friends at home and guess what happend… she’s feeling much better today 🙂

Sam says about the pictures, you can copy some from the

We try to send you pics and a text for the Arise blog tomorrow, Sam says, now we have to eat… no, really, internet starts to work better and then we can spend more time on it. We needed to spent much time with our group today, but we write back as soon as possible.

Love you, Dami and Sam

Travel things are fine, also, we are in contact with Arbindra.