German Team Update 082210

This is Dami writing with a text for the Arise blog.

The last two days we went up to Lupra school and deepened the friendship with the people there. Roland checked the teeth from the kids nursery up to grade three while the others teached in the classes or held hands from kids that where too scared for the dental care. Yesterday even the last one of us realized that we are in Nepal and things are not only different, they are totally different! Lupra river was very high when we got back and it took us a while to safely cross it. But we also experienced God clearly talking to us about the direction we should choose. Like Moses who said, ‘if you’re not going before us, I will not go.’ It is good to know that we have a God that cares and guides! Tomorrow we will heading for Muktinath; please pray that we get there without bigger trouble. We will stay there for two days and then finish our trip – what a sad word, ”finish!” – with some more visits to Lupra.

Internet is still not working good and very slow, so no pics today.

~Blessings, Dami