German Team Update 082710

Dear Friends,

“Exciting days are behind us. We went up to Muktinath, with traveling back and forth altogether four days. We did the dental camp for two days and visited the school there. It is really astonishing how few Nepali and English words one need to tell the story of the lost sheep: “Gotalo Business Pokhara ” – “bedaah khauta dukchha” – you will find out, what it means…

One day last in Lupra and one day packing and wondering – will there be a plane? There had been no flights for the last nine days. Sam and me – Dameria – visited some people who became friends during our stay in Jomsom. One of them asked us, if we also visited the chxxch in Jomsom. His brother goes there, he told us. While talking with him, we were able to tell him the gxxpel in simple words. His face brightened while he understood the meaning of it.

Also we visited a boy in the hospital yesterday, who fell and hurt his head 9 days ago – since the flights stop. He was mistreated by the doctors and is in really severe condition, almost about to die if nothing happens. His aunt allowed us to pray for him. And even more, she asked us to pray for a flight. That would need a miracle… but we have a God for whom nothing is too big or too small. So we already were prepared for a combined bus-walk-jeep-trip to Pokhara the next day, in the middle of that night I was totally convinced the flight would go. Not for us – but for that boy and all the locals who said, this could just happen through a miracle (Psalm 115). And here we are in Pokhara! The boy for sure was booked on second flight and now hopefully is in Kathmandu for better care.

Please, pray for the boy, that man we wrote above and especially for our host who honored us with a heartly local gesture for good-bye. Besides, when other guests asked us, who we were, she interrupted and said: “These are my friends, they are family.”

Thank you for all your prayers, we appreciate if you continue to pray till we reach Germany on Sunday and furthermore if you pray for the Mustang area!”

By the way, Mendoks Mum, the girl we wrote you about, came this morning through airport security to say good-bye and thanked us with one of the shawls. We really left friends there… and we do hope God will continue to bless this area! I could really tell a difference from last year.

Love you, Dami and Sam for Arise Medical Missions (Pokhara, Nepal)