German Team Update 082910

“We made it back safe to Germany. Because of the rain we didn’t take a plane – there was none, actually – but the bus to Kathmandu and so had a wonderful good-bye to the country. The plane landed as scheduled in Frankfurt this morning. In my daily devotions I read a quote from Ernst Fuchs, which sums up what we experienced during our time in Nepal:

God doesn’t count people one, two, three; He counts them one, one, one.

Each one of the persons we met, spoke or ministered to is so precious in His eyes! May He continue the good work in them!”

Sam and me made it to children’s ministry this morning, that’s why now I’m really tired. But I thought you would like to know if we made it back. As soon as my brain works straight again, you’ll get a longer mail.

Love, Dami

chapel kids @ calvary chapel siegen e.v.

alte eisenstrasse 6 . 57080 siegen