Carl Update 083010

Hello all,
I just looked at FB and was shocked to see this post by Jimmy Ide’s wife Mandy: Jimmy N Mandy Ide I do not know what to say, but this is the way Jimmy asked me to tell his friends. Jimmy passed away this morning. He died in combat in Afganistan. Jimmy loved his job and if he could choose a way to go this would be it. We know how much Jimmy loved his family, but also how much he loved the Lord.  We also know that he is marvelling at the face of God.
Please be in prayer for his family:  Mandy, Trinity (7) and James Robert Ide, V (18 Months) as they now must deal with his great loss.
Trusting in Christ alone,



Hi Everyone,

Undoubtedly, many of you know that SSG Jimmy Ide, a friend and brother in the Lord was mortally injured and later died of his wounds in the fighting in Hyderabad, Afghanistan this past Saturday. 

I met Jimmy while deployed in Germany about two years ago.  He was a dog handler (bomb dogs) and trainer for the Army with   two tours to Iraq and one to Korea and as a modest man, we’ll never know the risks that he took to save the lives of countless Americans and civilians in these foreign lands.  I remember Jimmy’s tattoo on his forearm and for those that know me, I am not fond of tattoos.  This one was one of a cross (a big one), representing the faith that he lived every day.  I remember his wife too, his daughter, and his dog.  In 2008, with the second child on the way and his wife VERY BIG, Jimmy trained in “lay dentistry” and slipped away with an Arise medical team to Romania and for about two weeks, he tirelessly repaired the teeth of Gypsies in the countryside and mountains.  I remember his love for God, his insight during Bible study.  I remember visiting his offices at the kennel out a Misseau and we’d sit for hours and just talk; how his soldiers looked up to him and how he cared for them too. 

I am so sad that he is gone, really sad, but what a legacy to leave here on earth.  For me this is a powerful object lesson on what my life should look like when it is my turn.  As for today, Jimmy walks with Jesus but I am feeling like I am walking alone.  I know that isn’t the case, but it feels like it and I’m trying to be honest.

 ~Carl at Arise Medical Missions (US)

Please take a look at an article that Jimmy had written on behalf of Calvary Chapel Magazine not long ago based on his experiences of being a Believer in the US Military. I’ve attached the PDF here for your viewing iraq_layout