Gina Update 090710

Spurgeon once wrote “If all the trials which come from heaven, all the temptations which ascend from hell, and all the crosses which arise from the earth, could be mixed and pressed together, they would not make a trial so terrible as that which is contained in this verse. It is the most bitter of all afflictions to be led to fear that there is no help for us in God.”

Please pray for Carl and I. We are journeying through an intense spiritual battle in our marriage. I have been praying fervently over the last few weeks and now more so over the last few days. It seems that there is no peace in our struggle. Please consider this a call to prayer and rest in knowing that I would be at  a point of sheer desperation if it were not for understanding that there is no need to fear because there is help for both of us in Jesus.

I have spent years talking about transparency in ministry because I’ve always felt that without honesty and truth at the forefront of God as your employer, what worth would service really be? Hence, please see my posting as yet another attempt to help loosen Satan’s grip over our lives. I am broken, I have wept more over our trial and discord than any child of God should expect to weep, and am barely able to breathe at times. I’m hoping that by laying our ministry down at the foot of the cross yesterday and by reaching out to our Pastor and asking to go to counseling, and now by asking each one of you to pray, Satan’s hold will be thwarted.

Surely, a love as deep as ours over the last 16 years is worth fighting for.

~Gina for Arise Medical Missions (US)