Gina Update 091310

Dear Lord, give me a vision for how God can use me as an instrument of grace in my husband’s life– and help me to be willing to pay the price to be that instrument. Help us both to keep you in the picture and help us to seek your holy purposes for marriage. Help us to go through this trial in God’s way alone.

Jesus’ Truths:

-God is capable of healing anything.
-Anyone is capable of change.
-The purpose of marriage is to glorify God.
-True love-God’s love- is unconditional and never fails.
-Love is not a feeling, it’s a commitment.
-Marriage is a covenant and God is a covenant-keeping God.
-God has commanded that we forgive without limit.
-God will never forsake us.

I am rather certain that it is best to not waste precious time looking back, but instead keeping my eyes focused on tomorrow because I want God’s best for both of our lives. I will humble myself and give my husband room and time to be God’s man. I am convinced that it will take time and sacrifice, but that blessings will follow.

Thank you for your continued prayers.

~Gina for both