Gina Update 110610

Over 40 years ago three doctors studied 6,000 marriages and 3,000 divorces. This is their conclusion:

There may be nothing more important in a marriage than the determination that it shall persist. With such a determination, individuals force themselves to adjust and accept situations which would seem sufficient grounds for a breakup, if the continuation of the marriage were not the prime objective. (Kinsey, Pomeroy and Martin, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, p. 544)

One of my friends put it this way: “Don’t get married because you love someone. That’s the dumbest reason to get married. Get married because you are committed to someone.”

“I’m Going to Stay With You Forever”

It’s only a short step from the marriage covenant to the gospel message. Both are based on holy promises; Both are made without regard to the action of the other party. Most importantly, it is the holy promise of the gospel which makes possible the holy promise of the marriage covenant. We are enabled to keep our promises to each other precisely because God has kept his promises to us. His promise stands behind ours. Without Jesus Christ, marriage becomes an endurance contest. But with him, a Christian marriage can not only endure, but finally it can triumph. And it is for that reason that Christian marriage is a mirror of divine reality. As two Christians keep their promises to each other, the world sees in reflection the greater truth that God keeps his promises to us. Thus, a truly Christian marriage proclaims the very gospel upon which it is built.  (Dr. Ray Pritchard –!/)


I will always thank the Lord; I will never stop praising him, even in the midst of this storm. I will praise him for all the good things that he has done in my life; I hope that anyone who is watching what I’m going through will listen and be able to praise the Lord because of his faithfulness to our family despite our circumstances.

I hope people are able to continue to join in with me and say, “The Lord is surely great” and as a result of this hardship, we might be able to praise his name together in the body of Christ.

I continue to cry out to the Lord and he answers me and allows me to walk by faith and not fear. Even though much of what I once held dear in my relationship to my husband seems unreachable now, I’m still able to look to the Lord and feel gladness and thankfulness in my heart; God hasn’t disappointed me once throughout this.

Whenever I feel helpless and poor in Spirit, I call out to God and he responds to me. Every single day, he knows just how much I can take and he saves me from anything that might be too much for me to carry. I can rest in knowing that his angels are guarding anyone who honors the Lord and rescues them from danger.

I have been granted the opportunity to find out for myself how good the Lord is. If you give your heart to the Lord, even when it feels broken and bruised, God will allow you to feel safe and confirmed in his presence.

I’m not willing to stop honoring the Lord or his people because his holy Word says that if we seek to walk in obedience to him, we will be afforded all that we need. I can honestly say that I lack nothing good in my life other than missing my best earthly friend.

It is my hope that maybe by me continuing to walk in truth, people will allow this sorrow to teach them what honoring the Lord really looks like. Like all of you, I long to enjoy my life again. I want a long life and to be happy. I want to not speak of evil and only walk in truth. In order for that to happen, I have to constantly turn away from evil and do good; striving for peace with all of my heart.

Here’s what you need to know.. God watches over his children. He listens to us when we cry. He opposes anyone who does evil. When you call to the Lord, he hears; he rescues, he stays near, and best of all, he knows when you’re discouraged.

Thanks for your continued prayers. I love you for that. As a very dear friend often reminds me… it’s way too soon to give up!