Gina Update 112110

OK, admittedly, this isn’t the best picture of me although I think you get the gist of it which is that it’s cold and I’m barely able to take a picture using the camera on my phone. This is a photo of me standing in Central Park yesterday. It was our rest day before we start working today. Our cooking shifts run twice per day and mine runs from 10a – 3p and 10p-3a. Praise God that I’m going to get the opportunity to be worn out and not worry about trying to NOT FEEL my way through the Thanksgiving holiday.


I can’t believe it… Jesus siting. It happened just that quickly. I was peeling my 100th potato and was standing next to my fellow potato peelers aka (Thanksgiving family members) when all of a sudden I laughed… like really, really laughed. I don’t remember what was so funny but whatever it was had distracted long enough to stop feeling the pain and I immediately noticed it.

Before I knew it, I found myself silently praising God because I seriously didn’t think I would ever be able to laugh like before. I totally thought… it must be gone, because I can’t laugh like I use to because nothing seems funny anymore and all I can feel is this terrible thing that is deep inside and simply won’t go away. But in the end, the Spirit spoke softly into my heart and said, “Not so, my child. My strength is sufficient. My grace is enough. My death was real and I have not forgotten you.” 

Now, in the stillness of my break, the sadness has returned and the pain is back but the memory of the laughter is there too. Psalm 37 says “Give yourself to the Lord; trust in him, and he will help you.”

Thank you Father for helping me be able to laugh for the first time in three months and please help me to find a way to be able to laugh again soon.

~Gina for Arise Medical Missions