Gina Update 120910

Leaving in a few hours and will pack now having just finished devos and prayer. I’m in 1 Corinthian 6 today and it really spoke to my heart. Particularly, how we as Christians often live as the “ungodly” in the name of exercising our freedoms and righteousness.

Gina’s Prayer for Today… I absolutely want to make sure that I don’t add to the ugly blot that has taken over my life. It’s my  job as your sister in Christ to try as hard as I can to just take whatever comes my way in my future, to allow myself to be wronged and to then forgive. I agree to permit injustice to occur in my life because I want to hold my heavenly crown one day and there’s no other way to do it other than the way I just described.

Gina’s Sin for Today… I’m already scared to death about traveling internationally without the other piece of my strand at my side. I have all of you that are “praying me up” and instead… I want my other piece? I awakened thinking… “There’s a huge gaping hole living in the center of my heart” and it’s never going to get filled. It will always be there, never close, be painful for the rest of my entire life and I’ll just have to walk around pretending that it’s all OK. Yuck! Forgive me Jesus and help me kill my flesh so I can see you.

I keep thinking that the only way to get myself through this is to let you know how imperfect I am and how perfect God is because he still loves me regardless of my sin. That’s cool and it’s real. OK, so enough about me. I’ll finish packing and wait for my ride. I have absolutely no idea why I’m going to Europe now other than I believe that God directed me to and that there must be a reason for it? We shall see just exactly what God has in mind.

Hugs in Christ Jesus,

~Gina for Arise Medical Missions