Jennifer Update 121010

Hi everyone! This is an update from Jennifer who continues to serve in Uganda. I had been checking her blog every few days and found nothing, only to just realize that I was only looking at the page that I had saved in October. Ahhh! She’s written so much valuable stuff. Her blog is called Walking by Faith. Please check it out and bathe her in prayer. She’s doing an amazing job and we’re blessed for her to be a part of the Arise/Dawn Treader’s Family.


Rainy Days in Masese

Today has been a really good day. We have four 20 somethings here for three days. They are wonderful and love the Lord. The have been working in the North in the villages near the refugee camps and Sudan border. They are really amazing kids. So that gave me the chance to go to town and get some shopping done. I also finally found a bank that accepts my ATM card so once again I have money. I did well stretching what I brought with me so I have not been broke, but it was getting close. Leave it to the Lord to help me find it when I really needed it. The market was fun, I bought mostly produce. It is kind of like a giant swap meet. I got 2 kg of cow peas, which are some kind of green hard bean, 2 kg of green beans, 1 kg onions, and 1 kg of carrots. I also bought a plastic pitcher, some steel wool for cleaning pots, and a loaf of bread. I got all that for 22,500 shillings which is a little less than 10 dollars. Not too bad for a white girl in the market! 🙂

All my babies are doing well. Most of them are getting really fat and just about ready to go home. Renee has been in the states for 6 weeks so we have not sent any of the kids home. She will be back on Wednesday and then we will likely do some discharges. One of the girls has Malaria. I diagnosed her last night and started her on medication and she is doing much better today. Another is recovering from Meningitis and was really sick. She is 7 and got down to 11kg. Which is roughly 25 pounds. She has a long road ahead of her. She could use your prayers. I am doing pretty well. I was sick for about 4 weeks with a nagging cold that just would not go away but I am doing much better now.

I would love to hear from you. You can send me email here or you can try and send it regular mail. I got one letter from my landlord here. It only took about a week to get here. I was really surprised. My address is
Jennifer Ward
C/O Serving His Children
PO BOX 552
Jinja, Uganda
East Africa

I would love to hear how everyone is doing. What is happening in everyday life there. Are you healthy. How is work. How is church. What is new? It is nice to jump on here from time to time and have news from home. It actually helps me not be homesick to much. Especially when I hear about the weather. 😉 Wednesday the rains came and boy did they come. It rained hard for most of the afternoon and all of the night. It did not stop until about 10am on Thursday. Talk about a muddy mess. There was mud everywhere. Not so much here at the house although there was some, but in the village and everywhere between here and town was just one giant mud hole. I had to take one of the kids to the clinic on that morning so I really got to see what it was like. Fortunately  I was able to hire a car to take me and not have to ride a motorcycle in that mess. I am very thankful for that. I say many people who were not that lucky. The good news is despite the fact that the rain put out the fire for most of the night, somehow by God’s grace the ladies were able to finish cooking the beans and rice ( which they usually do overnight) and feeding program went on as scheduled. The kids were not about to let a little mud stop them from getting a hot meal. When I got home from the clinic they were all lined up in the yard in strategic lines around the mud puddles getting there beans, rice and bananas.

Well I better go. I am kind of being anti-social and taking advantage of the fact there are others here to watch the babies. I took a shower and did email for a bit. Dinner is almost ready. They are having meat and rice. No I am still clinging to the vegetarian thing. I gotta go figure out what I am going to eat. Know I am missing you and love you very much.