Gina Update 122710

Hi Everyone, 

Just checking in from the train station in Zurich, Switzerland where we arrived late last night. We both agree that although it’s absolutely beautiful, it’s not at all what it’s cracked up to be unless you want to buy some Guichi or Christian Dior. 

Austin just about lost his teeth over the fact that I was willing to pay $10. for two cans of Coke. Well I just assured him that you only live once and because of that it was probably a wise decision to go ahead and have the Coke. 

The next adventure involved trying to secure a hotel room for the night. I secretly admit that half the fun of all this is watching Austin’s facial expression through some of these experiences… Iike when the counter help said it would be over $500. dollars for a double bed for one night. Needless to say we didn’t stay there.

Instead we were able to secure a room in a hostel where the “poor” stay for $145.  a night since we agreed to share a toilet with strangers. It didn’t much matter to me thanks to the mission field as I could pee in a cup if necessary and have perfect aim although my traveling companion has his limitations and we had apparently reached one of them. Still, we slept well all things considered but decided to leave first thing this morning.

I think we both agree that the best part of this trip is riding on the trains. It’s a very cool thing. Might just be the  fact that you get to see such amazing scenery while you get to sit in a heated compartment at the same time?? 

I just said to Austin that perhaps God had him come so that he would make sure I came home?? It’s not like it’s so wonderful here that I don’t want to leave but it’s safe considering what I’m having to face at home if that makes any sense?

Lessons Renewed – God is sovereign. God is trustworthy. Whatever happens here on out, I can trust him with the outcome. 

So we left Zurich at 10am and instead are headed on to Paris. It will be interesting to see if that is what God has in store for us? Just six days left until we’re back home.  

Remember Gina – God is sovereign. God is trustworthy. Whatever happens here on out, I can trust him with the outcome. 

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