Gina Update 123010

I have been amiss in writing because of my wonderful tour guide. I believe that Austin now knows every square inch of Paris despite having been here just two full days.

Clearly, he has some amazing gifts and talents  which I believe he clearly received from Carl. One of those gifts is the gift of direction in that he can find his way around on a map anywhere and regularly double checks our steps with a compass on his fancy phone.

I have now been to the Maritime Museum, the Army Museum, and stood at the foot of Napoleon’s crypt. Miraculously, I no longer feel like the one who should have been buried and of course, I can only attribute this to God, your prayers, and this trip.

Austin has been a better traveling companion than I could have imagined and I pray that I’m able to remember that when difficult times come our way. 

I’m also thankful for the fact that so much of him is Carl so that I can hold on to some of those character strengths and gain comfort from them in times to come.

I feel in my heart that I must surely be returning home to something difficult because of all that has occurred since I have been gone. I recently downloaded a Christian book on divorce and was finally able to get myself to start reading it.

I freely admit that I was absolutely frustrated and angry that there should even have to be a book on such a thing but once I realized that maybe God had helped write the pages to provide comfort and healing, I decided to give it a try. The words are comforting at times and then so scary that they are difficult to read. 

Apparently, the more I learn to accept my current life circumstances, the more apt I will be to progress? The book goes on to say that God knows each detail, he loves me and promises he won’t let go. I’m very certain of the fact that he won’t let go but I just want to make sure that I choose to hold on.

So Austin and I are to begin our very long journey home. So much needs to happen in order for us to show up in Sarasota on Sunday but I’m committed to asking God for assistance. I’ve missed  each one of you and look forward to hearing many of your voices. 

I cannot even begin to commit to words how afraid I am of returning home to so many unknowns but I sincerely believe that God will help. 

In closing, I had the privilege of sitting at Notre Dame today with Austin and praying together. I was speechless and humbled at the magnitude of the structure itself and how a carved statue of Mary held a crucified Christ in her arms. I praise God for such an experience and trust that it is because of the very same crucified Christ that I live.

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