Jennifer Update 011911

It has been a challenging week. We have had several new arrivals and they are sick! One sweet young girl had severe pneumonia and was in the hospital most of the week.  Renee and I took turns spending the day and night with her. Here in Africa when someone is in the hospital a family member or friend needs to be there to shut the IV off when necessary and to provide food. If you’re not there, it does not happen. So it was a long week of little sleep for both of us. Renee had it twice as bad as me because on top of everything else her daughter Selah ended up with what we think was a spider bite that turned into cellulitis. The good news is everyone is home now, and on the mend. We have one more child on a drip at home but he too is showing signs of improvement. I am hopeful that all of these new little ones have turned the corner on the hard part of the fight. They still have a long way to go to get healthy, but I am hopeful that the worst is over.

On a lighter note, I have moved into a new house. It is just a few doors down from where I was before. We are in the process of making room for more babies at SHC. So I am living with another missionary which opens up more space at the house. It is really nice and I have been enjoying some sweet fellowship and prayer with my friends and new roomies. Tonya and her 4 year old son are from Arizona and have been here for 6 months. They have welcomed me with open arms, lots of prayer, and some yummy meals. Oh ya, and HOT SHOWERS!!  I know it makes me a wussy missionary but I hate cold showers and I am so thankful to now have access to a hot shower! I cannot believe how dirty I manage to get in one day! Especially my feet! Ucky!

The best part of moving is quiet time. My room is upstairs with a view of the lake and it is very quiet. My mornings now begin with the sun streaming in my big windows as the sounds of Africa awaken me. I usually am able to have at least an hour of quiet before I head to the business of my day. I grab a cup of coffee and head back to my lovely room and spend time talking to my Father as he readies me for my day. It is by far the most important part of my day. Pray I stay consistent with it!

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support. It means so much to me that I have so many going before the throne.