Jennifer Update 022311

So today is Monday and the election is over!! Praise the Lord! Election announcements went fine. So far there has been nothing but peace and quiet here in Masese and Jinja too from what I hear. Dont know about Kampala because the internet was down but I am going to check later. I really can not praise God enough for the peace. He is so faithful! He is so much bigger than rumors, or fear, or politics or anything! There was certainly potential for things to be ugly and they were not. A few thugs here and there but over all it was good.We got five new babies in about a week or so ago. Most are getting more stable and doing well. I have been pretty stressed though. I think we may get another batch on Wednesday. Pray for God to give me wisdom in these matters. I was right 6 months ago when I was getting ready to come and I said that everyday I would be in over my head. Nothing could be more true. I must lean on God everyday. Pray that I will hear his voice clearly.

The sun is still shinning and it is hard to remember that back home the winter season is trying to end and spring is coming quickly with its reminder of new life and hope. Oh how I love spring!! If it starts without me please be sure to enjoy every moment for me. The crocus’ poking up out of the soil, and the tulips and the daffodils. The robins, and the grass coming to life again. The red buds in bloom and the amazing Bradford pears putting on a magical show. The crisp air and the cool breezes and the windshields still frosted in the mornings as the fog hangs in the hollows. Oh my friends, do enjoy the gifts of life that our precious Lord has bestowed upon you! I will be there to enjoy with you before we know it.

Until then, chasing the footprints in the dust,