Jennifer Update 022711

Just a quick note as I am just too tired to write much. It has been a very long week. We are up to 17 kids and 9 parents in the house. It is very full and very busy to say the least. We have seen a few miracles this week including finding some much needed and very rare blood for a transfusion for one of the kids. We are praising God that he is doing better now. He still has a long way to go so keep him in your prayers. His name is siliman. All told we had three kids get blood transfusions this week, 5 treated for Malaria, one who is still vomiting for unknown reasons and 11 on medications for one reason or another. Also 3 on Iv therapies and one fellow missionary who came for IV treatment of malaria. It has been a week! I just want to thank you  for your prayers and support. It amazes me that even though I am far away and don’t write much, still you remember me and pray for me and the kids. It means so much to me.
We have one more local election to make it through on Tuesday so you can pray for that as well.
Good news is Lori’s parents are flying in this week for a visit. I am so excited I can hardly stand it! They will arrive on Wednesday and I am getting to go on Safari with them for a couple of days. I feel so spoiled! It is going to be so fun to have some of my friends here from the states. I am really excited that they will get to see first hand some of the work I am doing here and the kids and Africa and well you get the idea. I just wish I could have all of you come!
So anyway, It is late and I am bushed and tomorrow will come fast fast!! Take care and write if you can.
Love Jennifer
Oh ya, I posted a couple of blogs this week.