Gina Update 030211

Good news guys! I continue to live in God’s strength and a huge part of that is YOU. No joke, sometimes it’s like being on the most challenging roller coaster of my life but  somehow I always seem to make it back to base (God for sure). Thanks for your continued prayers. There is no change in our situation but I perceive that as a great thing… no moving forward in this which can only be God’s hand upon this all.

So many of you often ask me about Dikchhya and Lhakpa, both of our Nepalese Exchange Students that were part of Arise for a couple of years. Fortunately, I hear from them both and know that God has each in safe keeping too. Here’s a couple of pictures sent in by Lhakpa from a recent mission’s conference at Pensacola Christian College. She truly does look beautiful, happy, and is progressing well through a very difficult and challenging nursing program. I praise God for that every day.

Be blessed in enjoying them and please don’t forget to pray for Jennifer who is finishing up her time in Uganda currently.

Warm regards,

~Gina for Arise Medical Missions