Gina Update 030811

Hi everyone,

Just a quick hello to let you know that I appreciate you checking in. I have been out-of-town working, returned late last evening and am headed to Getenet’s graduation from Marine Corps Basic Training at Paris Island, South Carolina on Thursday and Friday. Please pray that I find peace in my travel and that God is gracious towards helping me get through this event. So proud of Getenet for such a tremendous accomplishment. I need to be there to support and encourage him in this but just want to make sure that I keep my heart pasted together in the process. That’s where God comes in.

Concerning the ministry, Jennifer is doing well in Uganda. Please don’t stop praying for her until she returns. I continue to look forward to a return trip to Nepal in the Fall if the Lord should permit it. For now, I have voluntarily decided to return any support coming into Arise from this point on. I’m also hoping to have a board meeting in the ensuing months concerning the future of this ministry. As days and weeks have now turned into months I continue to hold fast to my faith and thank God for keeping me upright.

In Christ alone,

~Gina for Arise Medical Missions