Gina Update 032711

When Hosea and Gomer first married, she probably promised eternal love and devotion. She probably showed every sign of being committed to Hosea. But after a while, and in difficult circumstances, she fell back into prostitution.  Perhaps it was out of boredom.  Perhaps it was out of a feeling of neglect.  Perhaps it was out of a sense of need.  Sadly, we share the same inexcusable reasons for our idolatry, when we prefer another god to the LORD God.

Doesn’t it hurt sometimes to look deeply into our own lives and discover how many idols we have strategically positioned in our lives to take our eyes off of the Lord. Surely, it never starts out that way but inevitably, it doesn’t take long before we willingly allow something or someone else to take God’s place in our hearts. Trust me from one who knows, do your very best to ask God to reveal any idols that you are storing up in place of him. He is so forgiving and so merciful when we ask him for help in keeping him and him alone first in our lives. I’m living proof that God never fails us, he never leaves us, and he only wants what is absolutely best for us. Still knowing and resting in that truth is a process and never happens without us doing our part.

~Gina for Arise Medical Missions

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