Gina Update 033011

I’m in Hosea 3 right now for my daily devotions. I’ve read this book numerous times since the plank came to rest right in the middle of my head. I absolutely loved what David Guzik has to say about this chapter. He says that Hosea 3 shows us an important principle about love: Hosea is directed to love, even when it must have been hard to love.  We are filled with many romantic illusions about love, and one of these illusions is that love has very little to do with our will – we are just “captured” by love and follow whatever course it leads.  But in principle, the Scriptures show us another way: That love is largely a matter of the will, and when we direct ourselves to love someone God tells us we must love, it can and will happen.  This is why “We’re not in love anymore” isn’t valid grounds for a bad relationship or divorce.  It assumes that love is something beyond or outside of our will.

The bottom line is that when we think of the greatness of God’s love and compassion towards us, it should make us much more loving, compassionate, and forgiving towards others.

~Gina for Arise Medical Missions