Nepal Update 041211

This is a note that I received concerning Dameria and Sam who have both served faithfully within the Arise ministry. They are currently in Nepal working on helping to assist in a cleft lip repair. I’m so thankful that God is continuing to water the seeds that have been so generously planted there. Dameria is considering leading a return trip in the Fall that I am hoping to attend? We shall see what God has in mind. Please keep all mentioned below in your prayers over the next couple of weeks as they continue to find their way on this journey.

Warm regards,

~Gina fo Arise Medical Missions


Dear Friends back home,

After a wonderful flight along the Annapurna massif we arrived at Jomsom early today. The journey was without bigger trouble. In Kathmandu we met Herbert from “Forum Wiedenest” and the other day we continued to Pokhara where we could make some new contacts.

Imagine this: After a gorgeous flight in a small aircraft standing at the airport in front of this gigantic scenery. On one had you see a 7000 meter high massif and on the other hand there in another 8000 meter one. You breathe the freshest air you have ever breathed. Everything what you see, smell, hear and taste feels like coming home. Then you pass the entry hall and you see a well-known face and eyes shining with joy when the person recognizes you.

It was Bina, Mendok’s Mum who came to pick us up. She was it who we saw at last when we left last year and now it was the first friend we saw when we arrived. Today was a day full of adventures and I fear that the internet stops working again before I would come to an end. Anyhow we met all of our friends again. We also went to Lupra the little village where Mendok is going to school and had a long conversation with Norbu the local Lama. He told us how much Mendok is looking forward for the surgery because she is suffering of difficulties with eating and much more. Her family is poor and they would never been able to pay for the treatment.

Now we brought Bina and Mendok back to Jomsom and on Wednesday we fly to Kathmandu to bring them to the hospital. Please pray for travel mercies because travelling in Nepal can be “interesting”. Thursday this week the Nepali celebrate New Year – 2066 in their calendar as far as I know so maybe travelling is even more challenging than it usually is. That’s it for today, we try to send another email from Kathmandu. Thank you for all your prayers!

Dameria & Sam