Dameria Update 041411

Dear friends,

It is early in the morning – right now more or less early – and we sit in Jomsom waiting for the weather to clear up and the plane to go. Sam says, he as a deja vu 🙂 You really can pray that the travelling will go smooth. If the weather won’t get better, we will take the bus. This will be a new adventure and Mendok is quite sad that we won’t go by plane. This will also mean that we have to spend one night in Pokhara and will be able to go to Kathmandu not before tomorrow, on Thursday. At least the internet works.

These last two days we met almost all our “old” friends. We had a really great talk with Norbu, the lama who is running Mendok’s school. He invited us to come back this year to teach at his school. This is a wonderful answer to our prayers. He didn’t have to ask him, he asked us!

And please pray for Daniel, a Nepali Christian. Last year we spent the nights in his hotel in Muktinath. We visited him yesterday and he seems to be away from God. The fire you could see last year seems to be gone. It is really hard for Christians up there in Muktinath being all on their own without fellowship. Please pray that our visit yesterday has an effect on him and that he will get back the fire.

Thank you again for all your prayers – Sam and Dameria