Dameria Update 041611

Dear friends,

We made it down from Jomsom, though not by plane but by “taxi”. There is this Toyota advertisment in Germany – “nothing is impossible – Toyota” and we experienced its truth. Imagine a nine hour drive down the mountain with no roads, then you get an impression about our trip. Not forgetting the water in the car after crossing several creeks. But we made it to Pokhara. stayed at the hostel of Manguna’s (Mendok’s father) uncle hostel over night, took a very delayed plane to Kathmandu, went by taxi to Sankhu to the hospital just to learn that the holiday did matter. So back to Kathmandu, Manguna and Mendok stay with their family over night and we in a little tibetan settling in the midst of the city. And we do manage the next morning to take the local bus to the hospital. By the way, did you know that 27 people fit into a van? Including the driver…

Manguna and Mendok are waiting already with grandpa and aunt. They take me with them to the check up with the German doctor. He says it is a quite difficult surgery and that she will need a second one most likely. They are really impressed that we brought her down from the mountain village all the way to Kathmandu. These villages are really disadvantaged. The more important it is, to go right there and help those people!

Since we are here we wish to tell Mendok about Jesus. But it should come naturally…. After the check up they give us the date for the surgery, Monday, so back to Kathmandu for lunch at the grandfather’s house. While waiting for dal bhat, the grandma is sitting with us. It is every time impressing again how less words you need to make a conversation! Mendok gets bored and I suggest to play a game. She gets two and so Sam has the unique experience to play kind of tic-tac-toe with a Nepali grandma πŸ™‚ For some reason I take out my diary and Mendok is very interested in all the papers and stuff I have in there. I show her page by page and there is a flip-flap-card in it, kind of a speechless book to tell the gospel. With simple words I explain to her that my God Jesus came to make our hearts white. She is nodding with understanding and is reacting really positive on the name “Jesus”. I give the flip-flap-card to her and she is really happy about that, putting it carefully away into one of the game boxes. Please pray. that the seed will start growing! That was a picture I had here, that we just sow the seed and it will take its time to grow.Β 

Today we recover from a “one week Nepal and everyday somewhere else” trip. Would be an interesting church retreat… πŸ™‚ Tuesday we start going down to Kathmandu, visit Mendok again after the surgery and don’t want to take the flight on Thursday… but that’s normal πŸ™‚ Many thanks to you for all your support. Please pray for Mendok, her father Manguna, her mother Bina, her grandparents and aunts. And of course for the surgery on Monday.

Namste – Dameria and Sam