Dameria 041711

Dear friends, 

Yesterday God decided to give us a little time out we really needed. Sam’s got sick with his stomach somehow and was in bed all day yesterday. My stomach feels not so happy, either.

So we were charged with doing nothing the whole day. Those who know us know also this is something we sometimes don’t do on purpose 🙂 But so we use this free time to get some things done.

For example we try to get the money back for the tickets from last year, where the flight was canceled because of the bad weather. This is not an easy thing to do and I don’t trust this travel agency.

We also make new contacts concerning the next outreach. And just get new strength for Tuesday, when we travel back to Sankhu to visit Mendok again.

Please pray for the surgery tomorrow. Today she and her father will go to the hospital to check in. Please also pray for our health. And that we get this ticket thing straight. Today only a short message, but warm greetings.

– Sam and Dameria