Dameria 041811

Dear friends,

This might be our last message from Nepal until we will return to Germany on Goodfriday again 😦 Tomorrow traveling will start again and you never know… Yesterday there was a big hailstorm and until an hour ago there was no electricity in the whole town.

Today is Mendok’s surgery. We just want to put this on your hearts again for prayer. We called her father yesterday and things were okay so far.
This morning we had a relaxed breakfast with Phil, the Nepali Christian in who’s guesthouse we are staying here in Pokhara.

He comes from a really poor background from one of the villages around here. By know he is one of the leaders in a church here in Pokhara. The church is quite young and contains of many new believers.

Around Easter there are several services, mainly an openair service on Easter Sunday where Phil is going to preach. They expect a lot of people – Hindu, police, officials and just “normal” people. Please pray for Phil for wisdom what he should preach. And for good weather – here it rains a lot and really hard, which is not usual for April. 

Today we will visit a young Nepali dentist, who’s mother runs a children hostel. They have children there living with them in their house, so they can go to school up to grade 10. In Nepal you have to pay for schooling and this is of course not easy for kids from poorer families or with just one parent. The villages still suffer under the former civil war of the Maoist. Often one parent got killed or is traumatized by the abuse of the soldiers.

Here there are so many possibilities to get faith into action. Please pray for this country! Right now there are many open doors here. This morning I read in John how Jesus speaks about that we should walk in the light as long as the darkness has not settled yet.

If you arrive in a dark hotel room in the evening and there is no electricity it can be kind of hard to find the bathroom if you wake up in the middle of the night 🙂 But if you arrive in the daytime and you are able to look around and get accustomed, it is much easier to find the bathroom again in the darkness.

This picture stuck to my head this morning. If I learn today how to walk with Jesus, to follow Him, than this will be easier if times get rough. Pray that many people in Nepal will get to know Jesus as long as it is daytime!

With this in mind and best greetings – Dameria and Sam