Gina Update 042711

Good news… I continue to live to speak which can only be accredited 100% to God’s grace and all of your prayers. I enjoyed Easter weekend having had friends visit from VA who dropped in briefly but still blessed me in every sense of the word.

Despite continuing to master how to live with the plank that is buried deeply in my head I remain fully committed to learning how to be joyful in God my Savior. Over the last few days I’ve been graciously reminded by Jesus that God is not to be used like Aladdin holding a lamp.

Instead, it seems as if the only really firm answer is in reminding ourselves that God is the foundation and pursuit of our joy. When tragedy strikes, when your very identity is lost, if you’re a real certified Jesus Freak, you eventually arrive at the conclusion that the only joy in the universe that cannot be taken from you is joy in Christ.

I repeat, the only joy in the universe that cannot be taken from you is joy in Christ. 

Gina’s new mantra is this… When ______ happens, praise His name. Why? Because that’s the only way to get us closer to our heavenly treasure. Why? Because if Christ is your greatest joy, then ALL circumstances can be set fully in him.

God continues to be my strength. I crossed a HUGE milestone yesterday while making sure that I kept holding up the plank with one hand while firmly using the other with the help of my faithful assistant. We had to do what two people in our position should never have to do… pack up the belongings and possessions of someone they deeply love to facilitate that person’s departure from their lives (on some level at least).

I’m thinking the whole time… while touching every article of clothing… “I can’t do this God but you can do it.”

I’m thinking the whole time… while touching every piece of paper, document, book, piece of medical equipment, and so much more… “I can’t do this God but you can do it.”

And as I’m touching, and folding, and packing, I hear this ever small voice in the back of my head that says… “That a girl. Keep moving through this valley so I can get you up into the hills again.”

Then the Spirit speaks even more truth into my life as I now stare at the pile that is waiting it’s transfer to a new home and location and this is what God says.

Gina, remember that I haven’t given you permission to have confidence in yourself. Please do me a favor and don’t get seduced into thinking that your strength is even close to adequate in helping you do this. Instead, just keep putting your trust in me alone and whenever it hurts, ask me to be your strength. I love it when you take the time to ask Me to walk you through this. Remember to throw your confidence off of you and keep placing it onto me. For you see, a servant that says to me… “Do what you will Father in my life fully knowing that I will hold fast to rejoicing and loving you regardless all the more” is redeemed. 

Again, a huge milestone in recovery has come. Somehow, yesterday, over the course of 9 months of suffering, still having to hold up the plank, God challenged me with these few questions.

1) Where is your strength?

2) Where is your deepest joy found?

3) Who and what can you not live without?

4) How do you respond to things that push you closer to Jesus?

5) How do you spend your life?

6) Does your life follow your affections?

7) Are you fully demonstrating faith in his ability to carry it?

Over the next few days, as I stare at my empty closet, empty drawers, and a emptier house, I pledge to be reminded that my strength is found in Jesus Christ alone and he surely is enough.

Praise you Abba Father.

~Gina for Arise Medical Missions

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