Gina Update 042811

Sometimes God sends messages through the strangest of ways. I had received a card recently in the mail from a dear sister and enjoyed the warm note of encouragement. Still, I’m not sure that I fully processed the message until now but am sitting at Paneras reading through recent pieces of mail and such.

I have to say that mail is still a huge challenge for me as it requires me to be vulnerable in answering piece after piece and remaining accountable to the ministry that I continue to try and keep at the foot of the cross.

Here’s what the note said after reading it a tenth time and I am certain that it must be from God although it’s hard for me to believe at this point (just being honest).

Hey there. Please don’t think I’ve forgotten you. I pray every day for you, for the strength and peace of Jesus to be present. Love you so much. Trusting that God has a plan for you to serve. There is no other reason He would place that desire in your heart. Phillippians 1:6 NIV

I stand before you all in a state of complete and total honesty and truth when I say that it surely feels as if it will be nothing short of a miracle if Arise is able to survive this.

It’s important to publicly let people in the Body of Christ know that if you’re thinking of leaving your marriage in any way shape or form, you should expect there to be global damage as a result. Yes, God is merciful, but please, please don’t assume that you can leave and just ask God for forgiveness and move forward.

Of course God forgives when you ask from the heart but it would be wrong to assume that there isn’t collateral damage in the process. I bring this up because this is where Arise is at currently… damaged, hurt, broken, stopped dead in its path when it comes to staying open for the business of serving God.

Here’s some of what I hear every single day right now.

Gina, maybe Arise was meant to be for a season and the season is now over. 

Gina, if you can’t serve through your various churches, just go out on your own if you feel the Lord telling you to do it. 

Gina, we know this isn’t your fault, but please let the ministry go. Serving within Arise continues to put you in a position of leadership and someone in your soon-to-be position shouldn’t be serving in this way. 

Gina, get committed to serving in the local body as an individual Christ follower but not in the context of world missions.

You might be surprised to hear me say that I think this is all really good advice in so many ways because this feedback is coming from hardcore Christians who I dearly love and respect.

I can honestly say that I think every single day about the foreign field and am laboring in prayer about what is to come. I’m even planning on returning to Nepal in the Fall with Dana and others for a short-term trip to just see if I can’t hear God a little better concerning these matters.

Last night, after church, my youngest son and I went out for a late bite of pizza. It seems as if this is where we have some of our most fruitful discussions. We’re also trying hard to avoid the pile that awaits its designated transfer on Friday.

I was absolutely surprised to hear him say how absolutely broken he felt over the current state of Arise. He is so very reluctant to see it go… so, so reluctant.

I carefully explained to him that Arise would need a faithful male director in order to continue to move forward and heal. Quickly, he started to spout off name after name. I was so deeply touched at his willingness to help and at one point I said, what about you?

Thoughtfully he responded… “That person needs to be in a strong state of spiritual health and that’s not me right now.” Wow. How beautiful it is when a Believer pours out their heart and suggests their dependency on God for help and that means not trying to put on a front and pretend it’s all good when it isn’t.

This is what Gina’s life currently looks like on the inside out. My plan is to call someone today and ask them for a little male check-in to help heal someone else’s broken heart other than my own. God has confirmed to me who that person will be and that they will surely rise to the occasion.

Warm hugs in Christ Jesus.

~Gina for Arise Medical Missions

P.S. Please pray for a safe transfer of the pile and for healing for all involved. I am ashamed to admit that I gently kissed a few of the items prior to tucking them safely away. Apparently still struggling with a little “idol” worship along the way but that’s ok. I know that will ease in time.