Dameria Update 050211

Dear friends,

A short update to the follow up surgery: our friend Phil called Mendok’s mother in Jomsom; the second surgery last Sunday seems to went well. He couldn’t tell me if she got another treatment today, but he will tell me news a soon as he gets them.

Now it is time again to pray for wisdom for the next steps – planning of an outreach in fall, who will join the team, what should we do, does the timetable fit to the timetable of the surgery etc. And, like a friend put it, “now we can collect money again, right?” And please pray that the seed we could saw will bear fruit.

You’ll find some pictures at www.projekt-mendok-english.blogspot.com And in a little time some more pictures from one of the most beautiful country in the world…

Have a blessed weekend – Dameria

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