Gina Update 062811

Hi Everyone,

I continue to write from Camp Albryoca where I’m serving this week. I’m way out of my safety net. No exercise to help burn up my thinking, no phone service to stay in contact with my support system, and no floor to scrub when the going gets rough. Still, God is blessing me immensely through this experience and I know that he cares deeply for me no matter my location.

The children here are elementary school age and they are young enough to still want to hang all over me and shower me with lots of hugs. God must know how much I miss being hugged.

I have now been blessed to teach two classes that focus on our calling to be a light unto the world. The children memorize verses, sing songs, and learn what it means to feel and recognize God’s presence.

Somedays are so good where I’m completely able to focus on God and leave my cares and worries at his feet. Still other times are less than easy and I’m left wondering if I will ever be able to move forward in gaining victory over the sense of loss and sorrow I have had to live with.

I find myself looking out on a sea of children in front of me all the while understanding that they too are guaranteed to experience hardship and difficulties in their journey. Still, if they are willing to choose to hold God near through all of it, he promises to never let go. This is such a comforting thought to me. It really is.

~ Gina for Arise Medical Missions