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Can we be a disciple and ignore the world around us? You and I need to be sure of our place as Christians in the world in which we live. We need to be sure of our place as individuals in the Kingdom before we even think about reaching out to others.

After all, we live in a society which in general can look at wonderful pictures of the world and our planet while ignoring the plight of starvation and killing in Africa, Asia, and around the world. We live in a society that is spiritually self-centered on most levels these days.

Timothy reminds us that we cannot give unconditional allegiance to the world but we are to submit to the laws of rulers and authorities because God has permitted them to be there for a time. Christians are to be ready to do whatever is good whenever we have the opportunity.

You can’t ignore the world in which you live. Be salt unto light, a picture of being able to flavor the society in which you live in. Society needs to see us shining our lights before men… being active, being a mirror of God’s goodness.

Be home lover’s with a purpose, attractive witnesses, not repelling all who come into contact with us. Grace is free only because Jesus bore the cost. All of us are easily fooled and deceived having been born into sin. God did not ignore the world that he created. Recognize that the world is not going to ignore us.

Think purity, peace, gentleness… giving practical help to those around us who need our help. Do you know someone who should be helped today? A young person who needs you to come alongside of him or her? Anyone at all who is waiting for someone to come alongside of them to help is surely waiting for you to do your part.