Gina Update 072411

I love these words paraphrased from another book I’m reading.

Only Jesus seemed to truly understand my hurt. He would come inside of my dark room at night and sit next to me through the wee hours of the morning. He didn’t try to get me to eat or talk. He didn’t say “These things happen now a days even in the Body” or “God has a better plan for your life and time heals all wounds.” Instead, he simply took my hand, stroking it in silence. After a while he would get up promising to return when he was needed.

When I read something similar to what I just wrote above peace washed over me like a river. I thought to myself, the heck with all those who may be watching trying to measure my progress as I walk through this valley in my life. I promise you there isn’t a lot of progress when your best friend leaves you in the name of greener pastures. Instead, I will do this with Jesus holding my hand and my heart in my own sweet time. I will aim for emotional stability and peace moment by moment and that will be more than enough to sustain me in these days as I continue to seek out Christ in me.