Gina Update 080911

Dear Friends,

Just checking in from Living Waters where things are going well considering it’s Tuesday. No major accidents or injuries just yet and I hope that it stays that way among the 80 or so campers that are here plus all of the staff and additional visitors.

It’s absolutely beautiful today with perfect temperatures and beautiful flowers and trees to accompany that. The water of East Grande Lake is just like staring at a sheet of glass with a lovely blue hue and brilliance that is almost diamond-like.

Austin and I have both been praying about whether or not we should return to Nepal in October with Dameria’s team from Germany and have decided to continue to work our way in serving alongside of her in October. We are praying for affordable tickets and that God would show us the way. Lord willing, Dana will also join the team.

Every single day now God continues to give me a very clear vision of leaning and resting on him for absolutely everything. Surely it sounds easier than it is sometimes but God has been so faithful to me in all of this, it only seems right that I do my part and work on not being anxious about anything at all regardless of the situation. I’m just going to continue to gird my loins in prayer, asking him about every single decision I need to make, acknowledging all that he has done for me along the path of my life.

Yes, you’re right… this is from Philipians 4:6 which is a verse that encourages us to present our requests to God alone… not to man, not to people you respect and think have Godly wisdom, but rather to God. Especially since he has the power to answer each petition in a way that guarantees the result will be for good and not for harm. You can’t ask for more than that.

I’ve been holding on so tight. Look at these knuckles they’ve gone white. I’m fighting for who I want to be, I’m just trying to find security. But you say let it go, you say let it go. You say life is waiting for the one to lose control. You say you will be everything I need. You say if I lose my life it’s then I’ll find my soul. You say let it go – “Let it Go from Tenth Avenue North”

In Christ alone,