Gina Update 082611

Hi everyone,

Just a quick word concerning the whereabouts of Gina. I’ve safely returned to Sarasota and all that goes with that. We arrived late Sunday afternoon and neither Austin or I could wait to get our arms around Simon’s neck, who looks more like a large bear now since having all of his fur grow out completely. Not to worry, he’s on the groomer’s list for a shave so he can survive the remaining hot summer days in Florida.

It was a profitable summer in that I was able to serve and meet with many friends and partners who have been praying faithfully for nearly a year now. Many tears were shed and joy too as we remembered so much of the good work that was accomplished through a fair amount of years in ministry.

Slowly, ever so slowly, I have come to realize the following. The year, along with all of it’s bitter and sweet fruit combined, has revealed to me that Jesus indeed is a very real source of inspiration and love. My situation has become a real-life reminder that some dreams — no matter how badly you want them — do not come true.

I learned in the end that there are many ways to let people see you shine even when you’ve been thrown into a pit. I vowed to do this moment by moment, day after day, week after week, month after month, and now approaching… year after year.

I willingly listened to people’s reactions about out circumstances, found inspiration in their prayers, and even grew from some of the rejection and judgment that I voluntarily elected to stand against.

And then I noticed that as a result of doing all that by myself, in a very real way… walking in truth through the good times and the bad– people noticed. In fact, many people started telling others about our family our ministry situation.  People would even come back asking me to continue to share openly and honestly. They helped me to become stronger and ensured that even in the valleys of this trial that I would continue to elect to keep my eyes firmly fixed upon Jesus.

I have arrived at the understanding that my family will never be the same as it was prior to this. I have arrived at the understanding that our ministry will never be the same as it was prior to this. And most of all, I have learned that for the most part, almost nearly all of my dreams concerning the future will not be coming true.

Still, what has been reaffirmed in my life now more than ever is that my love for the Lord is completely real. That he has been faithful. That he hasn’t let go of my hand or my heart a single time since this happened. That I can count on him to never leave and that I can count on being completely filled with an inexpressible joy when I meet him in heaven.

I no longer think of the future and do my very best to take my eyes off of the past. Instead, I will continue to faithfully walk with Jesus, hand in hand, for the remainder of my days, waiting and trusting in him for absolutely everything. He is enough and worthy of that kind of attention.

In Christ alone,