Gina Update 090211

Standing strong in prayer about returning to Nepal with Austin. Our departure date is within the next few months. Hard to trust that the pain and memories won’t be so severe that they will stand in the way of serving. Just going to have to take a chance. God is near and so is the German team we are meeting up with. They have been faithful, loving, and kind. Austin said something profound last night after visiting a local missions conference that we had been invited to. “Mom, we need to go. We can’t just let people think that we’ve stopped serving the Lord. You and me are going to go and we’re going to keep moving forward because I hope to return many times in the future.” There it was, nearly 11 pm at night, him and I in the drive thru at McDonald’s having skipped dinner to get to the conference promptly. That’s when I decided I wasn’t going to let the enemy win in my life ever again by robbing me of the peace and joy that I so long to have as a result of serving. Made it to Camp Albryoca, made it to Living Waters, scheduled to return to the Bowery over Thanksgiving, and headed for Nepal and more specifically… the Mustang region. That’s it. We’re doing it.

~Gina for Arise Medical Missions