A Warm Goodbye 091611

Well, as they say, all good things must come to an end. And so it goes with the blog. It’s been the best years of my  life in ways… going into ministry, serving around the world, and being a human example of what living for Christ looks like.

I’ve done my best over the course of hundreds of entries to try and describe what serving in missions and being a Christian wife and mother was like.

Early on, I promised God that I would live a life of transparency for him. Something that I hadn’t seen many other Believers be willing to do. Who could blame them? Still, it was a good fit for me, the honest approach.

In saying that, it’s time to say good bye and thank you for all of the loving kindness that you have afforded me. So many precious prayers too numerous to list, lots of financial sacrifice, and all that goes with that.

I can honestly say that for a very long time, I ate, drank, and slept Arise. I wish that I was still doing that but circumstances no longer permit it. It’s amazing what brokenness will drive you to.

The blog  will remain open for a week or so and then it will come down all together. There’s something to be said for giving God back what is his. I’m hoping that my life is an interesting story that has yet to be finished? He is surely faithful.

In Christ alone,