042515 Gina Update


I think this is a nice photo of Paul at a recent campfire we had. The property that we are staying at has a tiny hollow that has been turned into a campfire. It has a very large pit where many people can sit around. It also has many wooden benches too. The other night we were sitting there and saw about six deer come through the clearing next to us. They are large animals that are graceful and majestic. It’s darn near impossible to sit there and not think about Jesus and what heaven will be like.

I’m still very much seeking God on this journey that I’m on and trying to find out what his will is for my current life. For today, I see his will as us helping the beautiful widow that we are staying with. She is generous and kind. She is a lover of the Word. She is relational and I’m missional so it’s a good fit. She is fifteen years older than me but that doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. We never tire of sharing with one another and some of her most attractive qualities have to do with the grace she bestows everywhere she goes, in particular to her adult children and their families. I would say that she is the picture of Biblical grandmotherhood if there is even such a word.

You know… this business about relating to each other that are close to us in age, have similar interests, come from a similar background… all of it ISN’T Biblical thinking. The truth is that when it comes to the family of Christ, it should be more like, “I love Jesus, you love Jesus, and that’s more than enough for me.” One of the things that would be on my bucket list of all things has to do with “What is thinking Biblically and what isn’t thinking Biblically?” For some reason it feels as if there are times when I’m surrounded by sisters and brothers that seem so comfortable in not thinking Biblically and it has grieved me. Mind you, I often miss the mark when it comes to this but I can honestly say before the Lord that I want to get it right. I’ve often wondered if others have a deep desire to “want to get it right” too? Sometimes it’s pretty hard to tell.