Gina 082318

Now entering my third semester of FNP school. Yikes! It’s quite the chore I assure you. I knew it would be but now living it seems to have placed a new spin on this season of life. Hard to imagine something could take over your life to this extent but it has. Seems like many things in life fall into this category… the difference between knowing something vs. living it. I’m in the book of Hosea by the way. In Hosea’s case… knowing that God tells you to marry a prostitute in the name of demonstrating Israel’s unfaithfulness during this time in history and then living that. I can’t imagine how painful that might have been and yet he remained faithful in completing God’s work. I keep trying to make a difference in the lives of my fellow students. It’s tough sometimes for too many reasons to list here. Still, I keep trying to be a light… a flickering one sometimes that seems to fade in and out. Ha! Depends on the day, the hour, or even minute. Fortunately, God’s love for us is steadfast and true. It never fails. So comforting. ~Gina