Arise Medical Missions Was A 501c3 Not For Profit

Who We Were
Arise Medical Missions was a non-profit organization that provided healthcare in restricted access countries, facilitated through national leaders and empowering them within their own culture.

What We Did
We use to provide medical camps, medical equipment, disaster relief, healthcare consultation, education and training as well as organize and execute mission trips, building projects, leadership training and children’s ministry.

Where We Worked & Served
We worked and served primarily in restricted access countries that were geographically and economically remote, under tight government control, where persons were often maltreated for their personal convictions and beliefs. We worked in: Haiti, Kenya, Ukraine, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Honduras, and Vietnam.

Our Vision Was
To use healthcare in countries that required creative access initiatives for building and leading teams in the implementation of strategies that could nurture and bring others to the faith.

Our Mission Was
Arise Medical Missions sought to obey the Father’s command by going into all the world proclaiming the Good News as illustrated in Mark 16:15. We compassionately ministeedr to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those we were sent to touch, as well as those who served them according to 1 Thes. 5:23-24.

To this end we were reaching the spiritually lost by extending our Maker’s healing touch to those who were sick by partnering with those who served nationally, internationally, and with those within the national body. Our end goal being to assist in the facilitation of their vision, by training national workers to reach their own people and those in other nations through the strategic combination of healthcare and ministry and by touching the whole person, body, mind and spirit through compassionate medical care, medical equipment acquisition, health education, prayer and the ministry of the Word.

What Happened
At some point, sin was able to creep into our ministry in a deeper way than we could have ever imagined and one us decided to leave the other. As a result, God took it all away and this is a story of what is left of the one who remained.